1. The basics
2. Sources of authority
3. Science and Christianity
4. Modern biblical interpretation
5. Mission and ecumenism
6. Ethics
7. Women
8. Life and death
9. The future
Christianity Today
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George D. Chryssides
Christianity Today is an introduction to the Christian faith, and forms part of Continuum's 'Religion Today' series.

This short book (169 pages) introduces Christianity, without presupposing any prior acquaintance with the religion, by exploring a number of key themes.

The opening chapter gives a brief overview of the Christian story, and introduces the three major strands of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism.

Subsequent chapters discuss Christian beliefs and lifestyle, and concluding with various expectations concerning life after death, and the possible future of the faith.

The book seeks to explain Christianity as it is practised by everyday believers
- it does not assume that it is the devout believer who defines the 'normative' version of the religion. Christianity Today is not about Christian theology, or about how the spiritual life is practised: these are matters that tend to have a relatively low priority among those who define themselves as Christian.

The book is aimed at students, but also for general readers who are looking for a readable, non-proselytising introduction to Christianity.
Published by Continuum, London: 2010
George D. Chryssides 2011
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